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Your relationship breaks down due to these 5 common reasons, care must be taken

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The relationship of love is so delicate that it takes years to make it but only a few words are enough to break up. Regardless of the relationship, the reason for breaking up is sometimes a common thing.

Sometimes fights in two people increase so much that they cannot be controlled. Apart from these quarrels, sometimes there are some common things that break the relationship. Here we are going to give the 5 most common reasons for relationship breakdown.

1. Fights not to happen

Fights are the reason for breakup but not having fights can also cause breakup. When couples stop complaining to each other, they are not emotionally connected to each other and then the risk of their separation increases.

2. Feeling ‘I’

When you bring only the ‘I’ feeling inside you, then fights start between you and your partner. These fights increase so much that it causes the relationship to break down.

3. Money matters

Even if there is a problem between you and your partner with money, there can be a problem with your relationship. The relationship between which money comes, there is also the possibility of the breakdown of those relationships.

4. Excess dependency

If it is completely dependent on the other, whether it is a matter of money or feelings or anything which is not possible, it can spoil his life, then it is dangerous for the relationship.

5. Physically Distance

The separation of husband and wife from each other is a sign of the end of the relationship. It is difficult to save this relationship even if there is already physical bonding in boyfriend-girlfriends, but over time it is becoming less and less.


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