Work on breaking INS Virat begins


The day of Monday i.e. September 28 will be very emotional and memorable for Gujarat’s alang. The task of breaking the INS Viraat, the longest serving warship in the world (INS Viraat set for dismantling), is going to start here. The Indian Navy retired this warship three years ago. The Centaur-class aircraft carrier served in the Indian Navy for nearly 30 years. It has a record in the Guinness Book of Warships serving the most. It was also deployed at several places during the Kargil war. Even when Sri Lanka sent peace forces, INS Virat was stationed around Sri Lanka.

INS Virat has traveled 11 lakh kilometers


INS Virat will be broken into Alang, one of the world’s largest ship dismantling factories. Addressing the program organized to bid farewell to this warship, Shipping Minister Mansukh Mandavia said, “This historic warship has traveled 11 lakh km. This is equivalent to making 27 rounds of the earth. “He said,” Today I am bidding farewell to INS Virat with respect. INS Virat has served our country brilliantly for 30 years. Today this warship is embarking on its last voyage for ‘recycling’ in Alang. ”

It was a dream to build a museum, but …

This pride of the Navy has drawn 40 flag officers including five naval chiefs through their services. The minister informed that the Cochin Shipyard is building another huge warship. He said that efforts were made to convert INS Virat into a museum, but we could not implement this plan. “An expert committee said in its report that it could not last more than a decade.” Mandavia said, “The government was willing to spend 400 to 500 crore rupees to convert INS Virat into a museum.” But the report of the expert committee was not favorable. Because of this we are bidding it farewell with tears. ”

Every year 30 percent of ships are recycled


Mandavia said about 30 percent or 280 vessels are recycled globally every year. “Alang provides employment to about 30,000 people from Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Gujarat and other states,” he said. In addition, it indirectly supports 3.5 lakh people through other business activities.

Joined the Indian Navy in 1987


INS Virat was inducted into the British Navy in 1959. It was then named HMS Hermes. It was retired in 1984. It was later sold to India. It was commissioned in the Indian Navy on 12 May 1987. INS Virat was involved in many important campaigns. These include ‘Operation Jupiter’ and a 1989 campaign to maintain peace in Sri Lanka. Apart from this, after the attack on Indian Parliament in 2001, it was also involved in ‘Operation Parakram’. Officials said the ship was to be retired in 2012, but it was postponed due to the delay in arrival of INS Vikramaditya. INS Vikramaditya was inducted into the Indian Navy in 2014. INS Virat was finally retired on 6 March 2017.

Auction was held for 38 crores rupees


To be given to INS Virat, e-auction was done on the state-owned company MSTC. In this, Shriram Green Ship Recycling Industries of Gujarat got seeded. Shriram Green Ship Recycling Industries is said to have bought INS Virat for a total of Rs 38 crore. Mukesh Patel, President of Shri Ram Group, says that it is a warship of national pride. It will be recycled green here.

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