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Women should adopt these measures to get children, the problem of sterility will be overcome

After marriage, every girl dreams of becoming a mother. Hearing the word “mother” is a different feeling for every woman, which cannot be described in words. But in the life of a couple, there is a shortage of the kilkari in her courtyard which she wants happiness. By taking appropriate measures in life, children can be achieved.

Women should adopt these measures:

# Those women who do not have children at home should revolve around Peepal everyday, lighting a lamp on Peepal tree is also considered auspicious, do not do this remedy on Sunday.

# Women who desire to have children should do “snake-worship”, this eliminates child blame. “Navagraha Shanti Paat” is very helpful in getting children, this lesson helps to get rid of all the faults.

# Women desirous of procuring children should choose the feet of girls below 9 years of age, thus soon the children’s carcasses may resonate in their homes.

# Women wishing to have children, put child-like photos of “Lord Krishna” in their room or offer Makhan-Mishri to Laddu Gopal daily.

# To get children, women also get benefit from eating jaggery flowers on an empty stomach for 90 days. On a day, on the day of the day, make wheat flour tablets and mix gram lentils and some turmeric and feed the cow.



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