Why do some people vomit while traveling on the mountains? Know what is ‘motion sickness’


Trip enthusiasts love to explore new places, but many people who go on trips have Motion Sickness. Motion sickness means vomiting or nausea during travel. Many people believe that this happens because of traveling after a long time, but this problem is also present with those who are always traveling on a trip. Especially during the journey in the mountainous areas, many people vomit even after every possible attempt to stop vomiting. In such a situation many times a question comes in the mind that why does vomiting happen during a trip. Come, know the facts related to this-

No stomach to bring vomiting, eyes and brain are important roles
The fluid present in the inner ear plays a huge role in maintaining the balance of our body. This fluid continuously signals the brain when the body is moving. On the basis of these messages received from the brain, the balance of the body remains during walking and sitting. Similarly, our eyes also send visual signals to the brain. While traveling on mountainous turns and rough paths, our body hiccups and moves erratically, while in the meantime our eyes are looking at the static view inside the bus or car, which is usually static. (The outside view also does not match the sounds). Our brain becomes ‘confused’ due to unbalanced messages sent by the eyes and ear fluids. The brain considers this condition as a message of disturbance or a side effect of a poison and gives the message of vomiting to the Vomiting Center present in the body. Motion sickness is generally understood to be related to the stomach, but the main reason for this is the message from the brain due to imbalance.

Also know
People who are unable to hear by ear do not have this problem because their brain is only receiving the signal from the eyes. So, this problem of vomiting during travel is not related to our stomach upset, as is commonly understood. Actually it is a problem created by our brain.

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