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When a refusal opened up the way for Shailendra to befriend Raj Kapoor, there is an anecdote of great friends

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The first Sunday of August is celebrated worldwide as ‘Friendship Day’. This time Friendship Day is on 2 August. In such a situation, we are telling you about two close friends of Bollywood, whose friendship remained unbreakable. This friendship story is from the Bollywood showman Raj Kapoor and lyricist Shailendra, whose friendship was unmatched.

This is how the journey of friendship started

It’s the 40s. The two met on an event where Shailendra was reciting poetry. Raj Kapoor liked Shailendra’s poem ‘Jalta Hai Punjab’ on Partition.

He met Shailendra and asked him to buy the poem as he wanted to use it in the film ‘Aag’ (1948). He also offered Shailendra to write songs for the film ‘Aag’.

Shailendra refused to sell his poem and turned down the offer of the film. After this, when Raj Kapoor was making ‘Barsaat’ (1949), the circumstances changed so much that Shailendra, who was facing financial troubles, had to go to Raj Kapoor to ask for work and expressed his desire to work with him. Raj Kapoor agreed happily and from here the journey of friendship started.

Acted in 21 films together

Shailendra wrote two songs for the film Barsaat, ‘Barsaat Mein’ and ‘Thin Qamar Hai’, for which he was paid 500 rupees. After this, Raj Kapoor-Shailendra worked in 21 films including ‘Mera Naam Joker’, ‘Teesri Kasam’, ‘Sapna Ka’ Saudagar ‘,’ Sangam ‘,’ Anari ‘and’ The Country in which Ganga flows’ .

Raj Kapoor was crying on hearing the song written by Shailendra

The talk is about the time when the song ‘Everything learned from the film Anari (1959) was being recorded…’. This song was written by Raj Kapoor’s favorite Shailendra. He did not reach the studio on recording that day.

Raj Kapoor liked this song very much and took a copy of the song to his house so that he could listen to it comfortably at night. He kept listening to this song continuously for many hours but when he could not stay with him, he reached his house at 2 pm to meet Shailendra. There, Raj Kapoor hugged Shailendra and wept and started saying, “What song made Shailendra, my tears are not stopping.”

Since December 14, both have an important connection

On 14 December 1966, when Raj Kapoor’s birthday was being celebrated, Shailendra was hospitalized due to ill health. Singer Mukesh called him and informed that Shailendra’s condition is getting worse. Mukesh was giving him real time information that Shailendra is currently in a coma, has been given oxygen support, blood transfusion and then the news came that broke Raj Kapoor’s heart. On the day of his birthday, 43-year-old Shailendra said goodbye to the world forever.

Raj Kapoor was broken by Shailendra’s death

After this, Raj Kapoor, saddened by the untimely death of his friend Shailendra in Filmfare magazine, wrote an open letter and said, ‘It seems like a part of my soul has gone. This did not go right. I am crying and screaming that someone has broken the most beautiful rose in my garden. He was a wonderful human being and an integral part of my life who is no more. I can only grieve and be lost in their memories. ‘


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