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Weight loss / This is the Japanese way to lose weight fast, you can also follow



Japanese people start the morning with warm water and bananas to lose weight. According to experts, this leads to rapid weight loss and it is a scientific method.

Try this Japanese way to lose weight
Hot water and bananas will do wonders
Provides relief in many problems with weight loss
In this way the weight is reduced as soon as possible

According to experts, drinking hot water accelerates the metabolism of the body. Increasing metabolism means increasing the power to burn fat. It helps in weight loss.
Eating banana gives full energy to the body and keeps the stomach full. It reduces the desire of the body to eat anything. There will be fatigue and constant tiredness after weight loss.
Digestion is improved by drinking warm water and banana mixed. It helps in weight loss.

How to use, know the way….

Wake up in the morning and drink 1 glass of lukewarm water. After half an hour eat 2 bananas. (The number of bananas can be 1+ K-.) This diet is known as Asa in Japan. This method was invented by two Japanese people named Hitoshi and Sumiko. It is one of the best ways to lose weight in Japan today.

Other benefits of eating hot water and banana

fat will decrease
Drinking hot water flushes out toxins from the body and speeds up the metabolism. Eating banana after half an hour will give you a lot of energy as well as fill your stomach. This combination will help in reducing obesity.

stomach problems

Eating a banana after drinking hot water will keep the stomach clean and improve digestion. This will remove the problem of constipation, acidity and gas.

Eating a banana every morning gives you a lot of energy. This will remove weakness and the body will remain active.

Healthy Skin
Hot water will flush out the toxins from the body. Banana is rich in vitamins B6 and C. This combination will help in increasing the radiance of the skin.

Drinking hot water flushes out toxins from the body. Bananas provide ample nutrients like potassium, calcium, vitamins B6 and C. This will reduce the risk of kidney disease.

blood defect
The warm water will help get rid of body waste and purify the blood. The dietary fiber in banana will increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood, thereby eliminating the problem of anemia.

healthy heart
By taking a mixture of hot water and banana regularly, the cholesterol of the body will be controlled. It keeps the heart healthy and reduces the risk of heart disease.

blood pressure
By taking a mixture of hot water and banana, the sodium level balance in the body is maintained. This helps in controlling BP.

Taking a mixture of hot water and banana will increase the immunity of the body. This will reduce the risk of infection and prevent disease.

healthy hair
Taking this mixture of warm water and banana strengthens the hair roots. It helps in making the hair thick and long.

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Nirjala Ekadashi 2021: Donate these things on the day of Nirjala Ekadashi, every wish will be fulfilled



Ekadashi fasting is considered very important in Hinduism. Many people keep this fast. Ekadashi comes twice in every month. According to the Hindu calendar, Nirjala Ekadashi will be held on the Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Jyeshtha month. This time Nirjala Ekadashi is on 21st June. Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped along with Lord Vishnu on the day of Nirjala Ekadashi. Donating on this day also has special significance.

This fast is very difficult and one has to stay without drinking water. By taking special measures, you can also fulfill your wishes. Today we are going to tell you what things you should donate on this day.

donate cool things
Nirjala Ekadashi is said to tell the importance of water. At this time the heat is at its peak, so you should donate things related to water. Many people drink sherbet, shikanji and many other things from place to place on this day. It has a lot of religion.

donate shoes
According to the scriptures, on this day you should donate shoes to Brahmins. Apart from this, you can also donate food, donating bedding, donating umbrella, donating clothes.

Tulsi Puja
You must worship Tulsi on the day of Ekadashi. Lord Vishnu should be recited by lighting a lamp of ghee under the Tulsi tree. With this, there will be happiness, peace and prosperity in your home.

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Beauty Tips: In summer, replace sunscreen with natural things, skin will become beautiful



In summer, we all definitely apply sunscreen on our face before going out. It protects our skin from the harmful rays of the sun. You will find many sunscreens in the market but they are all made of chemicals which slowly start harming your skin. Instead of sunscreen, you should use natural things.

coconut oil
Coconut oil is very good for the skin. It also protects you from the harmful rays of the sun. It works to save up to 20 percent of the sun’s rays. It also removes blemishes from the skin.

Sesame oil
Sesame oil helps to protect from the rays of the sun. It can block up to 30 percent ultraviolet rays. It is rich in Vitamin E which is very beneficial for the skin. It removes blemishes from the skin.

Aloe vera
You can use aloe vera to remove sunburn, redness, inflammation etc. It also removes the problem of aging and blemishes. You can use aloe vera gel by extracting it directly from the leaves.

shea butter
Shea butter has a very low SPF level. It is rich in Vitamin A, E and anti-oxidants which protect your skin from damage. By applying a thick layer of shea butter on the face, you can avoid harmful rays of the sun.

Almond and Olive Oil
By mixing these two oils, you can apply them on the face. They are rich in Vitamin E. You should apply it on your face daily.

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Ban on Dogs America banned dogs from 100 countries including India



The American Center for Disease Control and Prevention has taken an important decision

US bans dogs in 100 countries
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s decision
India is also included in the list of these countries.

US bans dogs in 100 countries
There are signs of another virus and disease spreading in the United States, where the coronavirus has not yet been completely eradicated. The whole world was aware of the infection in the United States and that is why an important decision has been taken by the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is believed that the virus named rabies can spread in America. So to prevent further spread of the virus, the department has directed more than 100 countries not to bring their pet dogs into the United States.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

These countries include many countries including India, Colombia, China, Russia. The department said that America has taken this decision soon to avoid the corona virus. This is because the decision is taken if there is no further infection between these coronas.

India is also included in the list of these countries.
According to the department, more than one million people worldwide bring their dogs to the United States each year. But with this decision, the number of dogs will come down to more than one lakh. According to the Health Department, since 2020, there has been a decline of more than 52 percent in the number of people traveling less infected with the corona virus. Those who know the actual age to bring their dogs will need to show a photo. Only then will you be allowed to take the dogs.

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