Vij also surrounded Tanj, Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi on joining INLD by Shyam Singh Rana, former Raodor


Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij speaking to the media. He took a dig at Shyam Singh Rana, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.

  • On the demonstration being done about agricultural laws, he said – the work of misleading farmers on behalf of Congress
  • The liquor mafia, which is flourishing elsewhere in the state, including Sonipat, Ambala and Yamunanagar, announced to eliminate them completely

Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij attacked Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi fiercely. He said that these two leaders want to set fire to the country, both of them take out an oil canister from the house in the morning and keep searching for when and where a lot of smoke is found and they can sprinkle oil and set fire there. Vij said that Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka have visited Hathras twice, but do not go to Rajasthan or any other state where such incidents take place. This means that he is not against rape and murder, he wants to do politics on this issue.

Vij said that an arrest has been made in the Hathras case, a CBI inquiry was being sought, it is going on. Now everyone should wait till the CBI investigation report arrives, so that everything can be cleared quickly and before the world. Along with this, Home Minister Anil Vij also reacted to the joining of INLD by Shyam Singh Rana, former BJP MLA and former CPS from Radaur. He said that these are migratory birds, they keep on coming. Sometimes on putting something, sometimes on putting something.

Dial 112 will start in the state after 30 December
Anil Vij spoke of giving a big gift to Haryana. He informed that after December 30, Dial 112 will be started in the state. Apart from the police, only 112 will have to dial for ambulance or fire brigade. In case of any problem, the police will reach the city in 15 minutes and the village in 20 minutes. For this, 630 new Innova vehicles have been purchased. These vehicles will be equipped in every way and if necessary, they will have structures.

Vij said that the building of Dial 112 is also ready and 5000 employees will cooperate in it. Not only this, every police station will be given two vehicles. Anil Vij claimed that due to modern methods of this method, law and order will also improve a lot.

Congress misled farmers on agricultural laws
Anil Vij, while answering the question of the demonstration by the farmers regarding the agricultural laws, said that the Congress was misleading the farmers about the agricultural laws. But the misconceptions that have now been dispelled, the crops of farmers are being sold and the money is coming into their accounts.

The Home Minister also said that the campaign to eliminate the liquor mafia from Haryana has started. Illegal distillery was running in many places in the state, which is now being caught by the police. Sonipat, Ambala and Yamunanagar will be completely eradicated wherever the liquor mafia is flourishing.

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