video: Radha-Krishna idol blurred in Hindi serial aired in Turkey, anger erupted by people


The Hindi serial ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’, aired in the Turkish language called ‘Masoom’, has created a new controversy. According to media reports, there are many Hindi-speaking programs that are translated into Turkish. Apart from this, they have also been successfully broadcasting there for the last several years. During the program, he is constantly trying to Islamize Hindi serials by blurring religious Hindu symbols and idols. After this change, one thing becomes clear that the Turkish broadcaster has absolutely no understanding of Indian traditions and culture.

Radha and Krishna appear in a small part of a Hindi program. Radha and Krishna parts have been blurred during this program to be broadcast in Turkish language. After the matter came to light, many social media users objected to this matter. It can be clearly seen in the scene that the idol of Radha and Krishna is kept in the temple behind the actress, she is completely blurred. This has been done in a way that probably does not hurt the sentiments of Islamic fundamentalists. Another reason can also be that it is considered haram according to Islam.

Turkish broadcasters are constantly bent on Islamizing Hindi serials. Now they have tried to Islamize the Hindi serial by blurring Hindu symbols. To show these Hindi serials in conformity with Islam, all the non-Islamic symbols are shown during the program, they are blurred. The reasoning behind this is that showing them means violating the principles of Islam.

This scene is from the Hindi serial ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’, which was named ‘Masoom’ after being translated into Turkish. The program was broadcast on a channel named Kanal 7. In this picture it can be clearly seen how the part of Radha and Krishna’s idol has been blurred.

In fact, the reality is that the Turkish broadcaster forgot to take cognizance of Hindu sentiments in the race to please the Islamic fundamentalists. Through this act, they have shown a strong intolerant feeling towards non-Islamic culture.

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