Vasundhara supporters ignored in BJP list, Sangh activists get attention


The BJP on Saturday released its list of 155 candidates for the 160 municipal ward.

  • Gajendra Singh Shekhawat and Sangh activists were given priority in the list
  • BJP has also given ticket to 17 Muslim candidates in its list.

For the Municipal Corporation elections, the BJP on Saturday late night released a list of its candidates and defeated the Congress. It is clear from the list of BJP that this time Vasundhara supporters have been sidelined. Local MP and Union Water Power Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat emerging as a rival of Vasundhara Raje in the state’s politics and activists associated with the Sangh were given due consideration. At the same time, instead of parachutes, an effort was made to give tickets to the local worker of each ward. Special care was taken of the caste equation. The BJP surprised everyone by adding 17 Muslim candidates to its list.
17 Muslim candidates for the first time
The BJP released its list of 155 candidates for the 160 municipal ward. Seventeen of these Muslim tickets have been given tickets. He was made a candidate after a long churn at the party’s high level. The party first decided that not a single Muslim would be given a ticket. On this basis, preparations were made to finalize the list. While finalizing the list, it was discussed that there are 22 wards in the city in which Muslim voters are in majority. In this way, due to not having a single candidate from this community, all these 22 seats started to fear of getting out of hand. The party is not in a position to hand over so many seats in the home town of Chief Minister Gehlot to the Congress. In such a situation, after churning fresh, the party surprised all the seventeen Muslim candidates.
Confederate people got an opportunity
It is clear from the BJP list that the party gave priority to the unionized people. Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, former Mayor Ghanshyam Ojha, District President Devendra Joshi, Prasanna Chand Mehta, Rajya Sabha MPs Rajendra Gehlot and Devendra Salecha played the key roles in ticket distribution. These are all people associated with the Sangh. Not a single name is considered close to Vasundhara Raje. The party provided limited attention to the MLA and the candidate who lost the assembly elections. It is clear from the entire list that all the names considered near Vasundhara Raje are missing.
Conflict is happening at some place
After the release of the BJP list, candidates are protesting in some wards. There are 26 such wards in the city where the tone of protest is the most vocal. But the party released the list a day before and made the candidates and the people of the organization fully available so that they could control the damage in time. Today, the candidates declared throughout the day were busy persuading the angry contenders. Some have got success, but some have not. The party hopes to convince everyone by late tonight.

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