US Presidential Elections 2020: US voters Nikhila Natarajan scared of chaos after elections


US Presidential Elections 2020: US voters Nikhila Natarajan scared of chaos after elections  Donald Trump (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

New York (New York), 3 November: The eagerness of Americans is at its peak, they are just waiting for the 3rd of November to end. They have started counting the hours for the presidential elections. Sloan, an elderly woman from New Jersey in Union County, told IANS, “We first thought we would cast our ballots at the post office, but eventually we came out in the cold, waiting in the queue And voted. Although I am not watching TV on November 3. The atmosphere in it is very toxic. ” They are also among those who do not agree with Trump that people are “tired of Kovid, but people are scared”.

Voters who came to vote in record numbers say that they are worried about things they had never imagined before. They are thinking very fast about what would happen if Trump took it to the courts? Or what would happen if Trump announced victory if he was ahead of the initial vote count? What if people with guns came out on the streets? On Monday morning, cars full of Trump supporters were seen trying to drop the Biden-Harris campaign bus off the road.

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The FBI is investigating this case, as there is a risk of post-election violence. Already, 300 lawsuits have been filed across the country for elections, most of which are related to changes in procedures due to epidemics. Pennsylvania (Pensylvania) is becoming the center of litigation after the election. Here the state court has ordered that the deadline for receiving and counting ballots by mail is Friday, 6 November.

The Supreme Court has not given a decision on this yet. On the other hand, according to the news, Trump said that if he stays ahead in counting, then he can declare victory on the night of election ahead of time even if the counting is not completed in important states. At the same time, the Biden campaign has not refused to announce its own victory.

Advocates of both the parties are ready and 9.7 crore voters have voted. At the same time, 2,31,000 Americans have died from Kovid in this country.

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