Us Presidential Elections 2020 Results: How did the trailing trends of President Trump fall in all the surveys?


Us Presidential Elections 2020 Results: How did the trailing trends of President Trump fall in all the surveys?US President Donald Trump (Photo by Gage Skidmore, Flickr)

US Presidential Election 2020 Results: The counting of votes for the presidential election is going on in America. According to the results so far, according to the contest between US President Donald Trump and Democrat candidate Joe Biden. Due to which the election has reached an interesting point. In the counting of electoral votes, Biden was at 238 and Trump 213 till 4 pm on Wednesday. However, Republican nominee Donald Trump is not far behind. According to the American news agency Associated Press, President Donald Trump is ahead of Biden in many important places. Nearly 69 percent of US Muslim voters voted in favor of Biden

Consider the figures that the difference in electoral votes between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is not as large as was reported in all the poll surveys. Looking at the trends so far, it seems that anyone can win from Trump and Biden. But one thing is clear that trailing President Trump, in all the surveys, has made a comeback in the trends. The biggest reason for this is that the electoral survey did not properly assess the less educated voters who live in small towns and suburbs. Due to which trends of trends and claims of survey have been different.

Presidential Democratic candidate Joe Biden is said to be the closest to achieving the winning goal of 270 electoral votes compared to President Donald Trump. In the year 2016, the trump had won in many states with a very small margin. A survey has said that those who did not participate in the 2016 elections can give their support to the Democrat camp.

Americans participated in a record number of elections amid the outbreak of the Corona virus epidemic. This year around 239 million people are eligible for the franchise. It is believed that more than 16 crore people voted in the presidential election, that is, around 67% of the voters have voted. If this happens, it will be the highest turnout in the history of America in a century.

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