US Presidential Election 2020: US presidential election Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s case heavy – APCO


US Presidential Election 2020: US presidential election Democratic candidate Joe Biden's case heavy - APCOJoe Biden (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

US Presidential Election 2020: In the US, there can be a contest of thorn in many places in national and state elections, but overall Democratic candidate Joe Biden has maintained his lead in the electoral grounds of national and major states. This has been revealed in the report of APCO Worldwide. The election has been dominated by the Kovid-19 epidemic and its effects. While President Donald Trump has reduced the pandemic and its negative effects to the public, his opponent Joe Biden has fiercely attacked the Trump administration over the same issue. Huh.

The analysis states that it is entirely possible that Trump will be ahead in several major states, but as mail-in ballots are counted, he may lag behind and Biden is likely to emerge as the winner. The report said, “National and state election results may be stable at times with a thunderstorm, but overall Biden will maintain his lead at the national level and in the electoral grounds of major states.” Also read: US Presidential Election 2020: Worshiping posters for the victory of Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris at her native village Thulasendrapuram in Tamil Nadu, posters were also put up

The report said that Democratic candidates would lead early and mail-in voting, while Republican candidates would do better on Election Day voting. It is also emphasized in the report that instead of arriving at any result in haste, the right situation will be clear only after the final result.

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