US Presidential Election 2020 Results: 4 Election Plains Results Will Determine US President’s Destiny


US Presidential Election 2020 Results: 4 Election Plains Results Will Determine US President's DestinyDonald Trump and Joe Biden (Photo Credits: Facebook)

New York: In order to reach the majority figure in the US elections, there is a fierce competition between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Everyone is now eagerly waiting to know who will sit on the throne of the world’s most powerful country? Former Vice President and Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden is leading in the presidential election vote, but his rivalry with his rival and Republican candidate Donald Trump continues. Biden holds 224 compared to Trump’s 213 electoral in recent electoral votes count. It has become the toughest presidential contest in America during decades.

Thousands of votes are still outstanding in Michigan and Pennsylvania. However, Trump said that he would take the presidential elections to the Supreme Court and he wanted the voting to stop and this is the only count that remains to be done. No state will count the mail-in votes posted after Election Day.

So here are four big question marks in the context of electoral mathematics, which are emerging as the fate of the presidency and which are roaming the popular electoral grounds – Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

If we talk about Pennsylvania, Trump is leading by 11 points here. There are still many votes to be counted here. More than 1.5 million votes are yet to be counted at 6 am (EST), which is about a quarter of the total votes. After this, if you talk about Michigan, there are more than 52.6 lakh votes, out of which more than 10 lakhs are left. Trump is leading by 226,000 votes here. It is expected to be counted by the election officials by Wednesday night.

Talking about Wisconsin, there is a fierce competition here and out of 32 lakh votes, Biden is leading by 11 thousand votes. Finally, in the fourth place Arizona is seen, Biden leads 52-47 percent. The counting of votes for the US presidential election began on Tuesday night. Along with the American people, other world countries are also waiting for the final result.

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