US Election Results 2020: Thorn collision between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, read here the big things of the results


US Election Results 2020: Thorn collision between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, read here the big things of the resultsDonald Trump and Joe Biden (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons / Gage Skidmore)

Washington: The entire world is eyeing the election results of the US President. Counting of votes is going on. Right from the beginning, there is a thorn contest between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. But overall Democratic candidate Joe Biden still maintains his lead in the electoral fray. While Donald Trump is also coming up very fast. Due to which the election has reached an interesting point. By 1.30 pm, US President Donald Trump had 213 ‘electoral college votes’ in the court, while Biden reached 236 electoral votes. To reach the White House, it is necessary to win at least 270 of the 538 ‘Electoral College Votes’. US Election Results 2020 Live Updates: Democratic Candidate Who Biden Wins in Arizona, Defeats President Donald Trump

According to the results so far in the US presidential election, red and blue colors are gradually shining on the American electoral graph. In many places, a direct contest is going on between President Donald Trump and Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden. The role of North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania can be very important in the US elections. Trump will have to win in these three states, while Biden can win in any one of these states and move forward to get the presidency.

Donald Trump claimed victory

Donald Trump and Joe Biden have had victories where they were predicted to win. According to the American news agency Associated Press, Donald Trump has won in Florida, Texas, Iowa, Ohio. While moving in Georgia (Michigan), North Carolina (North Carolina), Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania), Wisconsin (Wisconsin). While initially winning South Dakota, Utah, Missouri, Louisiana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Wyoming and Indiana.

On the other hand, Democratic Party candidates who won in Biden Arizona (Arizona) as well as Virginia, Colorado, New Hampshire, District of Columbia, New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Rhode Island and California , While nearing victory in Nevada. Currently counting of electoral votes continues.

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