US Election 2020: Who will win the US election? Siberian bear and tiger made this prediction about the next president


US Election 2020: Who will win the US election?  Siberian bear and tiger made this prediction about the next presidentDonald Trump and Joe Biden (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons / Gage Skidmore)

US Election 2020: In the US, there is a close fight between the current President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden over the Presidential Election. In the midst of this election heat, the world’s leading political pundits are trying to know whether President Donald Trump will win the US election or who Biden will win? At the same time, before the election results are revealed, people are desperate to know that on whose head will be the crown of victory in this election? Meanwhile, a prediction has been made about the election in a Siberian Zoo in Siberia. This prediction has been made through a Siberian Bear and a tiger, according to which Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden has an upper hand.

A brown bear and tiger from Siberia’s bird house have predicted about the next president of America. According to the WION report, two watermelons were given to Siberian bears and tigers, with a picture of Joe Biden and Donald Trump etched. The Siberian bear not only chose the watermelon with the photo of the two watermelons, but also made it his diet, while the Tiger also chose the Joe Biden watermelon, ignoring the Donald Trump-made watermelon. Also read: Paneer Tikka: Why is Paneer Tikka trending in US during US Election? Know what the whole scene is

It is known that a polar bear of this zoo had predicted in 2016 that Donald Trump would win the election by defeating Hillary Clinton. Andrei Gorban, director of the Royev Ruchey zoo, said that Donald Trump’s position during the last presidential election was more reassuring to zoo residents. He said that during the last election race all our animals had correctly guessed about the trump, but he did not even say thank you after his victory. Also Read: US Presidential Election 2020: US Presidential Election Democratic Candidate Joe Biden’s Scale

He said that Oracle Bear Bayan had predicted Donald Trump’s victory in the year 2016 and also predicted the outcome of the World Cup games. Earlier, another organism named Ollie Octopus had predicted for the US election. This octopus, living in the UK’s Anglicie Zoo, knocked out the jar containing Hillary Clinton’s picture, which resulted in her losing the 2016 US election.

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