US Election 2020: Politics intensifies in America on Corona virus, opposition attacked on Trump’s election tour


The issue of the Corona epidemic, once again in the midst of the US presidential election, is catching up. He is the target of opposition after President Donald Trump’s rally in Michigan. Michigan’s Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer pulled the trump at the rally over the Corona epidemic. He said that rules have been disregarded in the rally. Most of the people reached this rally without a mask. Let us know that President Trump is on his three-day election tour these days. During this, he will hold an election rally in three places. The special thing is that in the 2016 election, the Republicans had an edge here.

Trump fell behind in the opinion poll

The latest campaign figures show that President Trump is far behind his rival Joe Biden in this election race. Trump fell far behind Biden in the opinion poll. Not only this, he has also lagged behind his rival in fundraising. It is clear from the early stage trends that this time the voting will be at record level. 26 million people already have the ballot in this election. On the other hand, the election campaign is eclipsed by the Corona epidemic. Due to the Karona epidemic, Democrat candidate Joe Biden is taking less part in the election campaign. In recent weeks, he has had only limited election trips. On Saturday, Biden was in his hometown of Delaware.

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