US Department of Justice came with CBI to catch which gang, know what is the whole matter


India’s investigative agency CBI and the US Department of Justice have uncovered a gang allegedly cheating hundreds of elderly people in the US through cyber crime with unprecedented synergy. The gang leader is an American citizen and was doing his job through India’s call center. The information given by the CBI in Delhi stated that the work of the investigating agency has been appreciated by the US Department of Justice.

Sources said the CBI’s international credibility has been strengthened by the case. On the other hand, the US Department of Justice said in a statement that 59-year-old Michael Bryan Cotter, a resident of California, used to provide assistance to his colleagues in India to carry forward the plan in the name of providing technical support.

After a complaint was filed in the US, a federal court ordered Cotter and five of his companies to discontinue the scheme, under which hundreds of elderly people in the US were allegedly made a victim of fraud.

The statement said that when the CBI came to know that these companies were carrying out international fraud scheme from various places in India, it filed a criminal case against five companies involved in the scheme and to identify the people involved and Started an exercise to locate them.

Joint search operation:
A joint search operation was conducted by the CBI at the offices of these companies and the residences of their directors. The department’s statement said that the CBI has taken action against the companies and people involved in the scheme in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and Jaipur, India, showing unprecedented synergy. The Department of Justice said that the CBI collected and seized digital evidence related to the scheme during the search operation.

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