Unique statue of Goddess Durga at Kolkata’s Barisha Club Durga Pujo 2020 Pandal, posing as a migrant labor mother with her children, see photo


Unique statue of Goddess Durga at Kolkata's Barisha Club Durga Pujo 2020 Pandal, posing as a migrant labor mother with her children, see photoStatue of Maa Durga as a migrant labor mother (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Barisha Club Durga Pujo 2020 Pandal: Sharad Navratri and Durga Puja are celebrated all over the country. There is such a color of devotion of Maa Durga on the devotees that the atmosphere has become devotional everywhere. Though the outbreak of Coronavirus outbreak seems to have faded a little earlier than this festival, there is no shortage in the enthusiasm of the devotees. People are very eager to welcome Durga Puja in West Bengal (COVID-19 Pandemic) amidst Kovid-19 Pandemic. Due to the outbreak and lockdown of Corona, migrant laborers were forced to flee from every corner of the country. The migrant laborers along with their families walked hundreds, thousands of kilometers, returning to their homes. A Durga Puja pandal from Kolkata has taken the initiative to display one such scene.

Artist Pallab Bhowmick of Kolkata has created a unique statue of Maa Durga, in which she is seen as a migrant labor mother with her children. In fact, the Baroda Club Durga Puja Committee, located in Behala, Kolkata, has decided to replace the traditional statue of Durga as a migrant laborer’s mother this year. In this statue, not only Maa Durga, but mother Saraswati, Maa Lakshmi and Ganesh ji are also depicted as their children. Durga, a migrant laborer, is holding Ganesha in her lap, while Saraswati and Lakshmi are seen next to him. Also read: Sharad Navratri 2020: Sharadiya Navratri celebrated in the country, devotees arrived in various temples of Mother Goddess on the first day, to see the picturesque pictures and videos

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According to a report in the Telegraph, artist Pallab Bhowmik, who created this beautiful artwork, said that the goddess-like woman is walking with her children hungry and thirsty in the scorching sun and is looking for food and water for them. Of course, this idol of Maa Durga is amazing and the artist making it is less appreciated. This statue is expressing the pain of those who were forced to flee due to lockdown.

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