Uigar is doing something like genocide with Muslims, shaved heads of women, America made many sensational claims


America The National Security Advisor of the US, Robert O’Brien, has made a sensational claim that China is doing something like genocide with its Xinjiang province Muslims. He claimed that Chinese government officials were shaving the heads of Muslim women in detention camps. Earlier, no US official had made serious allegations of genocide against China. US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien has received worldwide attention for what he said about China during the Aspen Institute’s online program. At the same time, discussions have begun to impose several big restrictions on China.

The report that the United Nations has put before the world about China’s Xinjiang province, which is really shocking. According to the report, China has kept one million more Uygar Muslims in detention camps. At the same time many human rights organizations have also claimed that what China is doing is doing against humanity which is genocide. On the other hand, China has categorically denied all such claims. According to the NSA, several products made from Xinjiang’s human hair have been recovered by American border customs. He has made a big charge that the Chinese government is shaving the hair of Uygar Muslim women imprisoned in detention camps.

China’s atrocities on Uygar Muslims have been continuing for a long time, even before it was revealed that Uygar Muslims are forcibly sterilized and miscarried. It is claimed that Xinjiang province of China has 400 detention camps, in which eight million Uygar Muslims are imprisoned. At the same time, China has also denied this. China calls these camps as vocational training centers. Where 4 lakh 15 thousand Muslims were kept from the year 2014 to 2019.

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