Two children, including mother, drowned in Banas river; The day before, had left home to go to the farm, the next day the dead bodies were found


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  • Banas river incident near Dudhpura village in Nathdwara area
  • Police believe, mother also drowned due to saving both children.

The mother, including two innocent children, died after drowning in the Banas river near Dudhpura village in Nathdwara area. On Sunday, with the help of villagers, the bodies of the three were taken out of the water. The woman had gone out of the house to the farm on Saturday, a day before with both children. After this, did not return home till late evening.

The woman’s husband returned from work on Saturday night when both his children and his wife could not be seen at home. He starts a search for all three with the family. After this, a person from the village went to the river on Sunday morning and saw the woman’s body landed. He informed the people around. After this, the villagers and family reached the banks of the river.

The family identified the three dead bodies with the help of local people. After this, the dead bodies were taken out. Police believe the children went to the river to bathe and drowned due to the deep water, which their mother tried to save, but the three died due to drowning as they could not swim.

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