Trump changes 72 environmental laws in 4 years, 27 more in queue, experts say – Trump undermines climate policies


At a North Carolina rally, Trump said that people who always put on masks are more infected, while Trump himself appeared uncomfortable.

President Donald Trump has destroyed major climate policies in the US in his four-year term. The New York Times made this claim based on a study. Accordingly, Trump changed 72 environmental laws. While 27 more are trying to change the laws. Trump has used the Environmental Protection Agency for this work. Hence the carbon dioxide emission regulations on power plants, vehicles and trucks weakened during the Obama era.

More than half of Wetland’s security across the country was revoked. Not only this, the emission regulations of mercury on power plants were also lifted. The Home Department also weakened the Wildlife Protection Act, so that more land could be leased to the oil and gas industry.

A spokeswoman for the Environmental Protection Institute said Trump fulfilled promises made to states. Whereas Harvard Law School’s expert on environmental and energy law Henna Vijkara said the Trump administration weakened climate change policies. Columbia University expert Hillary Aidan says Trump’s rule is not tenable. Therefore they will be surrounded by law action.

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