This thing of Bobby Deol makes him different from the rest of the flop actors, only because of this he has survived till now.


Bollywood is a place where many actors come and leave after a few days. You too must have seen many film stars with their eyes whose career did not go much, their films flourished and then they stopped coming to films. Many times, stars who were super stars at one time also stop coming to films after some time. But Bobby Deol is such an actor whose despite so many films flopped he still stands still. In such a situation, have you ever thought that an actor who has no special acting, who is also mocked on social media these days, many jokes are made on him, but still how are he coming in films so far? Today we are going to tell you a special thing about Bobby Deol, due to which he is still standing in the industry.

Bobby Deol was a big star for some time in the 90s. He also had a film interest after which everyone felt that this boy could become a super star in the future. Bobby started his career with Barast (1995). After this, his ‘Gupt’ did very well at the box office. However, after this, his two films ‘Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya’ and ‘Badari’ did not do any special performance at the film window. Then his film ‘Soldier’, this film made a big dent at the box office. Bobby also understood that people like to see him more as an action hero than a romantic hero. This was the reason that he made films like Badal, Scorpion, and Stranger.

Then his career started going down with Hamraj (2002). After this, many more of his films like Kismat, Chor Machaye Shor, Jurm, Tohran, etc. flopped badly. She also made a remake of the rainy film in 2005 but she was also badly beaten. In such a situation, Bobby’s career graph was constantly falling and he was not getting any interest in his bag. Then came ‘Apne’ in 2007 and ‘Tamla Pagla Deewana’ in 2011, which did fine business. However, films like Ek Ek The Power of One, Than You and Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 did not work at the box office.

After this, Bobby took a break of four years and returned from ‘Poster Boys’ in 2017 but it was also beaten. Finally, Salman Khan gave Bobby another chance in which he appeared in ‘Race 3’. For this film, Bobby worked very hard and also made a body, but unfortunately this film also did not work. Now Bobby Jaldhi is going to appear in Humshakal 4. This film is a big hit at the box office, only time will tell.

Because of this Bobby survived despite being a flop

Friends, there were many ups and downs in Bobby’s career. There was a time when he started taking drugs. He went to the deration. But then his wife drove him out. Actually, the specialty of never giving up has arisen inside Bobby. Perhaps this is the reason that even after giving so many flops in his upcoming career, he is still seen in films. Bobby’s popularity is also slowly increasing on social media. We too can do a lot by applying Bobby’s never-give-up spirit in his personal life.

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