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This method is the most effective way to increase height in children, it is easy to do

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Most people have been stressed about the height. Good length of a person boosts his morale. But due to lack of proper nutrition, this problem can occur. Due to lack of proper nutrition, there are many problems in growth. In such a situation, everyone wants their child’s health and growth to be good. We tell you the easy way that your baby’s height will be good. With the help of yoga, every kind of disease can be cured.

Length is a common problem

Sometimes this happens even with less interest in sports. Children’s interest in playing has also decreased due to using mobile more. But when the child turns 10 years old, his physical development is not happening properly. So yoga can help your child grow in length. Let us tell you about some yoga postures that will be beneficial for the child.


If the length of the children is not increasing, Bhujangasana can help in this. To do this yoga, lie down on your stomach with the mouth facing downwards in a flat position. Leave all body parts loose. Then pull the toes outward. Keep both legs together. Bringing the palms of both hands back equal to the chest, in such a way that the elbows stick to the ground.

After that raise the elbows slowly. Also, while inhaling, raise the chest slowly by stretching the neck forward. While raising the torso, open the elbows. Lift the torso up to the navel. Try to lift the neck and chest as much as possible. Stay in this position for a while. Then come back while exhaling and leave all the parts loose.

Spinal cord

Merudandasana is very beneficial for increasing the length of children. To do this, stand up straight with both legs together. Breathing in, move both hands straight up. Both your hands should be adjacent to the ear. Keeping both hands aligned, tilt the upper part of the waist to the right.

After stopping a little, come back to the previous position again. Once again, take a breath and repeat the same sequence to the left. Keeping both arms straight as before, bend first in front and then back. Thus, bending around, do a complete circle.

Benefits of spinal cord

By performing merudandasana, the spine gets flexibility due to which the length also increases.


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