This member of Wajid’s family donated him a kidney, this singer revealed


Bollywood’s famous music composer duo Sajid-Wajid have given many superhit and memorable songs. The famous couple broke up yesterday and younger brother Wajid passed away. Wajid was suffering from kidney and diabetes for some time. There is a wave of mourning across Bollywood with the demise of Wajid.

After the untimely demise of Wajid, his close friends Sonu Nigam and Salim Merchant briefed the public about his deteriorating health over the years. He also revealed that, Wajid was so close to the family that Sajid’s wife donated his kidney to Wajid.

In an interview to the media, Salim told that, ‘Wajid’s kidney had gone bad. After which, brother Sajid’s wife Lubna donated his kidney to Wajid. But his kidney transplant failed and his health continued to deteriorate. Actually, Sajid-Wajid became very busy making songs for the franchise of the movie Dabangg. During that time Wajid did not pay attention to health. Due to which he has kidney infection.

Singer Sonu Nigam told that, ‘Despite Wajid having diabetes, he never avoided his food at all. Due to which the pressure on his kidney kept increasing. Wajid’s health was deteriorating day by day. Sonu praised Sajid’s wife Lubna for donating the kidney to Wajid. He said that to donate his kidney, one needs a big jigra. I salute them.

He further said that, unfortunately, Wajid’s kidney transplant failed. He had to avoid infection, but Wajid’s immunity system became absolutely zero. Sajid’s health was improving for the last two months. A few days ago, Wajid was killed by the deadly corona virus. After which no one could meet him in the hospital. In this case, Wajid was completely alone. It is very unfortunate that such a talented person left very quickly. I wished I could meet him. Let me tell you that on the night of June 1, Wajid breathed his last at Surana Hospital in Chembur, Mumbai.

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