These Indians will get the first vaccine for Corona vaccine, the government is involved in making the list


new Delhi. The good news is coming in the growing cases of corona in India, that the corona vaccine is expected to come soon in the country. The third phase of the vaccine trial is about to begin soon. Meanwhile, vaccination campaign preparation of vaccine has also started from the government. Vaccine vaccines will be given to about 300 million people first in the country. A list is being made of this, it will be the first to include those who live in the danger zone in terms of infection. In addition to this, the vaccine will be given to the health care, police, and sanitation workers first. First 30 crore people in the country will get 60 crore vaccines.

After the third phase, the vaccine will get the green signal from the government. After that the work of getting vaccinated will start. The Corona vaccine which will be put in four categories. There are about 70 million health care workers, 2 crore frontline workers and 26 crore people who are more than 50 years of age or are suffering from some other serious disease because Corona is the most dangerous for such patients. A team from Expert has prepared a draft on the vaccine, which is being led by Dr. VK Paul, member of NITI Aayog.

The team has prepared the draft based on input from central and state agencies. According to this draft, 23 percent of the country’s population will be given the Corona vaccine vaccine first. In this draft, in addition to 45 lakh police personnel and employees of other forces, 15 lakh people of the army have also been included. At the same time, 11 lakh MBBS doctors, 1.5 million nurses, 10 lakh Asha workers, 8 lakh AYUSH practitioners and 7 lakh ANMs have been included.

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