These home remedies will remove the problem of itching in the private part of men


It is often seen that people are unable to mention it to anyone due to doubt or shame about the problems raised in their private parts. But if the problems related to them are not resolved in time, then the danger goes on increasing. One such problem is the itching in the private part of men, which they keep hidden from everyone. There can be many reasons behind this problem like – moisture, infection, lack of cleanliness etc. Sometimes people have to be embarrassed because of this. Along with this, lesions may also occur in the penis as the problem progresses. Therefore, in this episode, we have brought some such measures for you, with the help of which the problem of itching in the private part can be overcome.

Use home remedy with baking soda

Baking soda is in everyone’s kitchen. Baking soda is a good source of infection. To use it, pour some amount of baking soda in the bath water and take a bath with it or mix the baking soda by mixing it in water. Now apply it on the itchy area on the penis. This will remove the infection and itching problem will be cured. This remedy can be done three times a day. Also keep in mind that when pouring baking soda in the water and taking a bath, this water should not go into the eyes.

Pipermint also relieves itching

Pipermint has many medicinal properties, which are helpful in relieving itching. Pipermint also acts as a coolant. To use it, mix a little peppermint in mustard oil and coconut oil, then apply it on the penis with the help of cotton, it will cure itching. Adopt this remedy twice daily for a week. Also, keep in mind that pipermint should never be applied directly on the penis, otherwise it can cause severe burning sensation in the penis.

Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar is an effective medicine to cure any infection, burning or itching problem. Apple vinegar can be used for skin infections. To use it, first wash the itchy area with clean water and wipe it with a clean cloth. Now apply apple vinegar on the itchy parts with the help of cotton. After applying it, let it dry and keep it as it is. This method should be done twice a day. The problem of itching will be resolved in a few days. While applying apple vinegar, take special care that the apple vinegar is to be mixed only with water and it can cause severe burning sensation when applied directly.

The problem of itching in the penis will also be overcome with rock salt

Rock salt is rich in many medicinal properties. The magnesium and sulfur present in it are beneficial in problems like itching as well as other problems. To use it, take 2 cups of rock salt and mix it in a bucket of hot water. Now take a bath with this water. Add this water to the areas around the penis as well. Apart from this, another remedy can be done with rock salt. Mix rock salt with some water and apply it on the area around the penis. This remedy can be done three times a day.

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