These 5 changes seen in the body can be caused by stomach ulcers, know!


Stomach ulcers have become a common practice, often due to poor diet and incorrect routines. Stomach ulcer is one of the most dangerous diseases. Even though very few people come in the grip of this disease, but whoever suffers from it becomes difficult to live almost. Today we are giving you some symptoms of stomach ulcer. Let’s know what these are

epigastric pain – When ulcers occur, there is unbearable pain in the upper abdomen. Especially after eating, stomach pain starts. Being on an empty stomach also causes pain. This condition is called gastric ulcer. Blisters occur in the lower part of the alimentary canal, in some cases there is also a perforation in the alimentary canal. This causes severe burning sensation in the alimentary canal.

Having trouble with mother-in-law It is difficult to breathe when the ulcer occurs. When we eat, hydrochloric acid is produced in the stomach, which causes digestion of food. Sometimes due to indigestion, the acid goes upwards into the alimentary canal, causing a burning sensation. Its effect starts on throat, teeth, breath etc. The voice becomes heavy and there are blisters in the mouth. Such conditions are called acid reflux disease.

Blood vomiting – A vomiting or feeling like vomiting can be considered a symptom of an ulcer. In such a situation, the patient often feels that the vomiting is going to happen. But when the ulcer increases, the condition can become worse. If ulcers increase, then blood vomit may occur. In this case, the color of the stool (black) becomes black.

Chest pain – When there is ulcer, there is pain near the chest. If pain is near the chest, it should be considered the effect of acidity reflection. This causes heartache. Heart pain occurs in the upper part of the chest and sometimes due to acidity, there is pain in the same place, so it is not easy to understand the difference between these two conditions without investigation.

Constant weight loss Ulcer patients lose weight very rapidly. When the ulcer occurs, the patient becomes indifferent to food, which causes weight loss. Food is also not well digested which is the reason for weight loss.

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