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Therapist told Sushant, suffering from bipolar disorder, raging brother-in-law asked – ‘How did I find out so soon’, Riya Chakraborty also had questions

Sushant Singh Rajput’s brother-in-law Vishal Kriti has reprimanded therapist Susan Walker, who in an interview described the actor as mentally ill. According to Susan, Sushant was struggling with depression and bipolar disorder. Vishal Kriti has written a long blog in response to his statement. According to him, it is not only immoral, but also illegal for therapists to talk openly about someone’s mental health. At the same time, the question is raised, how did he detect his bipolar disorder so soon?

Vishal Sushant’s sister Shweta Singh is the husband of Kriti, who is a US settler. He wrote, “Mental health information comes under the purview of the law. Uncovering it by a psychiatrist / psychologist is not only unethical, but illegal. I leave it to my father-in-law KK Singh whether he charges the therapist in this matter or not? ”

How did I detect a bipolar disorder so soon?

Vishal also raised the question in the blog that after less than two months how the therapist found out that Sushant was suffering from bipolar disorder? He says, “Mental disorder is very difficult to detect. It is even more difficult to find out about one’s bipolar (I or II). Not only do you have to examine a person closely, but you also have to see it for a very long time (it takes about 6 years from the initial symptoms until diagnosis). Susan found out in less than two months (in a few appointments). “

‘Treatment was demanded by Riya, not Sushant’

Vishal writes, “Susan has not only dared to leak information in the public domain, but has also explicitly stated in her statement that the treatment was demanded by Riya and not Sushant himself. Of those who have been with Sushant before October-November-2019, none of them had any complaints about his mental health. ”

Questions raised on Riya’s role

Vishal has also questioned Riya’s role. He wrote, “The FIR claims that Riya used to give psychotropic drugs to Sushant (possibly without his knowledge). Covert and fraudulent treatment is also illegal in the 21st century. There may be several explanations for these mental health issues that began abruptly in October – November – 2019. Maybe it is the effect of secret and psychotropic drugs and then maybe he is taken to a psychotherapist by this excuse? “

Why did Riya retain evidence of medical health issues?

According to Vishal, Riya took Sushant to the therapist and was present there during his sessions. Probably because they could keep their conversation focused. He also alleged that Riya kept the evidences of mental health issues with her so that she could use them to blackmail them.

He writes, “Riya’s presence in the office of the therapist means Sushant had no privacy to discuss. If they were worried about anything, it was Riya’s gaslighting and blackmailing. It seems that Sushant had to face gaslighting at the hands of Riya based on information in the public domain. ”

‘Riya is prime suspect in this case’

Vishal said, “Riya is the prime suspect in this case, as per the evidence in the public domain and the claims made in the FIR.” If it is found in the court that Riya Chakraborty, who ended Sushant’s all relationships with his family and friends, was in true love, not a chance. So it will be shocking for the whole country. “

What did Susan Walker say?

In an interview on Saturday, Susan claimed that Sushant was suffering from a bipolar disorder. He said, “Sushant was suffering from depression and hypomania seizures. Riya was very supportive of him. When I first met him as a couple, I was impressed by Riya’s concern, love and support for Sushant. This was evidence of how close they were to each other. Riya used to take appointments and strengthen them. Riya took care of him like a mother when he fell seriously ill. “



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