The old flaws should not be repeated in the new writ, only then the candidates will get the benefit


  • So far, the government has not released the date and release of the writ

The state government has thrown the googly for the recruitment of 31 thousand posts of the third category, but so far has not issued any guidelines regarding Reit 2020. Millions of unemployed people of the state are waiting for the first writ. The unemployed want to see the reet held this time beyond the flaws, so that the candidates can get jobs.

The Right to Education Act (RTE) was implemented in Rajasthan during the tenure of the erstwhile Congress government. After this, in the year 2010 and 2012, TET (Tate), the teacher recruitment eligibility test was conducted. After Tate, the government conducted recruitment exams through district councils for teacher recruitment.

Due to flaws in Artet, the candidates took the case to the Supreme Court.

  • In Artet the normal is passed at 60% and the others at 50% marks, while Artet is on the lines of Citrate. Due to the discrepancy, the matter went to the Supreme Court and in the judgment it was considered mandatory to bring 60% of all except TSP area.
  • The government recruited teachers through district councils. Different question papers came for each district and different merit list was prepared for each district. Due to which merit of a district was high and merit of a district was low.
  • Answer of question papers through district council was also changed many times and the exam results were also challenged in the court.

BJP took advantage

Rajasthan Unemployed Union State President Deepender Sharma said that the dissatisfaction of the youth was at the peak of this system. The BJP took advantage of this and in its manifesto promised the youth in the election to hold one examination instead of two exams and make the same merit at the state level. As promised by the BJP in the election, Artet was changed to Reit and teacher recruitment examinations were conducted twice in 2016 and 2018, but once again the youth was cheated by the government.

Inconsistency in the writ

  • Where Artet or Reit marks were considered as the basis for appointment in Level I, 70% of Artet or Reet and marks of 30% graduation weightage were added for the second level.
  • Due to 30% weightage, the unemployed started resorting to fake marks. Started taking a degree in additional subjects and in addition, the candidates who worked hard in the REIT exam and got 125 out of 150, got out of the reason while due to weightage, 107 marks were selected.
  • No special efforts were made to stop students from outside states. The syllabus has been made so simple that a student from any state can easily take this exam. It did not include the history art culture of Rajasthan.

Demand rejected
Dipendra Sharma said that the youth demanded the then BJP leaders to reduce the weightage but rejected the demand of the youth to reduce the weightage. Now the unemployed Congress is also expecting the government that this time, how long will the discrepancies promised by the Congress in its manifesto to rectify the anomalies related to Reit.

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