The Monitor website claimed Erdogan’s links with terrorist organizations


Stockholm: New evidence was revealed by Turkey’s close association with terrorist organizations by the Swedish Nordic Monitor website. The website claimed that Daesh (ISIS). It is doing so to fulfill its own ambitions, agendas and defeat its political opponents.

The Turkish regime recruited Daesh organization member, Abdul Qadir Mashripov, who carried out an attack in Istanbul in 2017 and killed 39 people to avenge the preacher Fettullah Gülen, the head of Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Known for opposition.

Sana News reported on Friday citing a report released by the website that Erdogan’s close associations with terrorist groups in Syria confirmed various reports, heads of ISIS and involvement in commercial deals with terrorists, and even Syria and Iraq The theft has been caused by the purchase of oil.

Turkey, due to Erdogan’s actions, has become a breeding ground for terrorists, where terrorists obtain funding, support and training in the territory of the country to commit crimes in Syria.

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