The Gujjars told the government – by the end of October, accept the demands or else we will jam Rajasthan from November 1; Colonel Bainsla arrived 5 hours late; Gathering in 1 hour


Gurjar leader discussing with Colonel Bainsla.

Gurjar leader discussing with Colonel Bainsla.

The Gujjars have once again given the government an ultimatum of the movement. Gurjars leader Colonel Kirori Singh Bainsla has given time till the end of October to the government and warned that if he accepts all the demands including including reservation in the 9th schedule of the center and giving the benefit of full 5 percent reservation in recruitments. We will jam Rajasthan from November 1.

The mahapanchayat ended in an hour
Gurjar Reservation Sangharsh Samiti called a mahapanchayat in Ada village on Saturday after two and a half years. The time of Mahapanchayat was given till 11 am but Colonel Bainsla himself reached the meeting place at four in the evening. He remained on the stage for one hour and at five in the evening came to an end with the ultimatum of the movement. However, the speakers started addressing the stage after two in the afternoon.

Two tornions occurred
The Mahapanchayat was divided into two factions. One faction wanted the decision of the movement to be postponed because the Coronas period is going on as well as the time of crop sowing. At the same time, a section of the youth wanted to start the movement from today itself. However, in the end, Colonel Bainsla announced from the forum that if the government did not accept his demands, a movement would be held from November 1.

Less people arrived at the Mahapanchayat than expected
It was estimated that 20 thousand people would come to the Mahapanchayat. People from 80 villages were called in it. People associated with the Mahapanchayat claimed that about 20 thousand people would be involved, but the administration believed that about five thousand people could gather and the same happened.

People came to Gurjar Mahapanchayat.

People came to Gurjar Mahapanchayat.

Here, the government sent a proposal for talks through District Collector Nathmal Didel to Convenor Colonel Kirodi Bainsla. This was confirmed by District Collector Nathmal Diddel. The administration stopped internet services at several places including Bayana, Bair, Bhusawar, Roopwas from 12 pm on Friday night. The entire area was converted into a cantonment and 2350 personnel were deployed.

IAS Neeraj’s Pawan met Bainsla late at night
The government sent Pawan of IAS Neeraj as a special envoy for talks with Colonel Bainsla late at night. Late on Friday, Neeraj accompanied the SP and Collector of Bharatpur to Colonel Bainsla’s residence in Hindaun City. Pawan invited Colonel Bainsla for talks on behalf of the government.

At the same time, the government drafted to accept the demands of Gurjars. IS Neeraj has been the collector of Bharatpur and Karauli. He is considered close to CM Gehlot as well as Bainsla and has played the role of a mediator in many previous Gurjar movements.

These are 6 major demands

  • Reservation should be included in the 9th schedule of the center.
  • The benefit of 5 percent reservation should be given in the recruitment of backlog and in the recruitment process.
  • Regularize 1252 employees recruited from MBC quota.
  • The families of the martyrs of the movement should be given jobs and compensation.
  • The cases should be withdrawn.
  • Implement the Devnarayan scheme.

Gurjar society traveled, administration remained on alert mode
SP Amandeep Singh said that about 2100 police personnel including 6 ASP, 12 DYSP were deployed. All policemen holidays were canceled. Apart from this, 100 RAF and 150 GRP personnel were deployed to protect the railway track. Gangman is alerted.

The Gurjar Samaj met at the Mahapanchayat on Friday at the Rajesh Pilot School campus in Shergarh village. Everyone talked about making Mahapanchayat successful in Ekur and pressuring the government for the demands. Many speakers expressed displeasure over Bainsla’s son Vijay Bainsla commanding the movement.

Chose earnest
Due to the availability of Gurjar-dominated and ration, every time the Pilupura of Bayana becomes the center of Gurjar movement. More than 80 villages are Gurjar dominated. There have been Gurjar agitations here in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2018.

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