The businessman’s son had identified a kidnapper, so he was killed even after receiving a ransom of 8 lakh rupees; All three accused arrested


The police had deployed 10 teams to nab the accused.

The police had deployed 10 teams to nab the accused.

  • The businessman’s 13-year-old son was kidnapped on October 15, the body was found the other day
  • Kidnappers had demanded a ransom of 2 crore from the businessman, 8 lakh rupees were given to him

In Jabalpur, the businessman’s 13-year-old son was murdered by strangulation. The businessman had also given Rs 8 lakh to the accused in exchange for a ransom of 2 crore, but he killed the innocent to hide his identity. The child identified one of the three accused. The police have arrested the three accused.

According to the Sanjeevani Nagar police station, Mukesh Lamba, a businessman in Dhanwantari Nagar, a business of transport and dealing of stones, had complained of missing 13-year-old son Aditya’s house near the house on October 15 at 6 pm. He told that he had gone to get a packet of chips from his mother with fifty rupees, but then he did not return. After some time, a call was received on his wife’s phone that the kidnappers were with their child. The callers said – arrange for two crore rupees.

The police had registered a case of kidnapping. Mukesh laid a trap at the behest of the police and sent Rs 8 lakh to the accused. When Aditya did not return even after giving the money, the police laid siege and apprehended the accused. He was identified as 30-year-old Rahul Vishwakarma, 25-year-old Malay Roy and 24-year-old Karan Jaggi.

Disclosure of accused
Rahul told that on 15 October, he reached to raki. Aditya was seen in front. They told him where Mukesh’s house is. We are his friends. He took Aditya by car after getting into talks. After this, he called his mother and demanded Rs 2 crore. For this he used the loot phone. After this, he kept rolling the child in the car in Baroda Tiraha, Panagar area. He also fed him food in the dhaba.

The next day Maharajpur reached Adhartal. Rahul alias Monu took Aditya to the vacant house next to Vishwakarma’s house. Hired an Alto car. In the afternoon, Kundam continued to rotate in Baghraji area after sitting Aditya in the car. On the way, eat and feed samosas in a hotel. Meanwhile, Aditya told Rahul Vishwakarma aka Monu that ‘Hey Uncle I know you. Once came home with an uncle. ‘

The trio plan to assassinate Aditya after he learns to recognize him. Reached Maharajpur in the evening and leaving Karan, Rahul and Malay took Aditya to Jalgaon in front of Panagar. Here recording Aditya saying ‘papa aao jao’. After this, he pressed Aditya’s hand and mouth with a pot. Shortly, his breath stopped. They threw his body in the canal. He then took 8 lakh rupees from Mukesh. The police have also seized money from the accused.

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