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The bride should not forget these mistakes even in the last days of marriage, she may lose beauty

By the way, girls leave no stone unturned to look beautiful on the wedding day. Everything from makeup to outfits, jewelery tries to make girls perfect. Many girls start taking special care of the skin a few days before the wedding, to look the most beautiful on a special day. But this treatment is not safe to do in the last days of the marriage, it can damage your skin.

Do not make these mistakes on the wedding day:

Facial peels are necessary for the bride but not at the last moment. Because they have some effects on the skin after facial peel, which can spoil your beauty on your wedding day.

Facials include massages, removal of blackheads and dead cells, etc. After facial, your face lightens for about 24 to 48 hours, so it is not advisable to have normal facial done at the end of the wedding.

Brides often get wax done to remove unwanted hair and clean skin, but that does not mean you get it done during the last days of the wedding. Many times there is a possibility of itching and rashes on the skin due to waxing early.

Botox is a protein made from Clostridium botulinum. But getting Botox in the last days of marriage is not right, because it contains many chemicals, which can harm the skin.



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