Take care of expensive jewelery like this


All women are fond of wearing jewelery. Often, women buy expensive jewelery. For a long time, the shine of the kept ornaments starts to fade. If you do not take care of your jewelery in the right way, then their color can be light. Today we are going to tell you some special tips about jewelery care. Using these, your jewelery can always remain bright.

1- Everyone uses perfume. Keep in mind that never spray perfume on your jewelery. Doing so can spoil the color of your jewelery.

2- Always wrap the Kundan ornament in a sponge or cotton and keep it in a plastic box. By doing this, your jewelery will not turn black.

3- Panna is a very soft stone. Always use mild hot water to clean it. Put a little washing powder in warm water and immerse the page and wash it. By doing this your emerald gem will shine again.

4- If there is a stain on your jewelery, then use an eraser to erase it.

5- When wearing jewelry, make sure that your jewelry does not have any makeup product, perfume, lotion or any other item. This may damage your jewelry.

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