Swara Bhaskar, for whom he also campaigned, everyone had to face defeat, people trolled


New Delhi. The Bharatiya Janata Party has once again created history by breaking the chakra of opposition led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, winning more than 300 seats in the Lok Sabha elections and uprooted the opponents not only in the western and northern parts of the country but also in the eastern part. He waved the tax.

The BJP, riding on Modi’s election tsunami, has become the party with an absolute majority for the second time in the Lok Sabha. It is the second party after Congress to do so. Due to the ‘Modi Tsunami’, the entire country except the three southern states became Modi-Modi. Accepting the defeat of the party, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has congratulated Prime Minister Shri Modi for the BJP’s grand victory. Leaders of many countries also congratulated him before the results were fully announced.

Meanwhile, after this fierce victory of PM Modi, people have trolled Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar fiercely. Actually, Swara Bhaskar was very active in the election campaign this year. He attacked the policies of the Central Government with a strong hold on the opposition. During this time he campaigned for six candidates of the opposition. All of these candidates have lost. After this people have trolled Swara a lot. Swara has also responded to the troll.

On Twitter, users mocked the actress Swara fiercely and said that she proved to be a ransom for all. It would have been better if she had not appealed to anyone for a vote. After being trolled, Swara Bhaskar has also attacked the trollers. Responding to the trolls, Swara wrote on her social media handle Twitter, the 2019 Lok Sabha elections were held only on whom Swara Bhaskar was campaigning for !!!! And yes they were 6 candidates… at least they would have checked their facts before trolling someone.

Swara campaigned for Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) candidate Atishi Marlena from East Delhi, Congress candidate and veteran leader Digvijay Singh from Bhopal, CPM candidate Amra Ram, CPI candidate Kanhaiya Kumar from Begusarai seat, AAP leader Raghav Chaddha and Dilip Pandey. Was. All of these leaders have lost elections. Atishi Marlena lost by nearly 3 lakh votes. At the same time, Digvijay Singh lost by 2 lakh votes. Amra Ram lost by 7 lakh votes, while Left candidate Kanhaiya Kumar lost by nearly 4 lakh votes. Raghav Chadha lost by 3 lakh and Dilip Pandey by 5 lakh votes.

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