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Sushant’s friend Smita’s big claim- 24 hours Riya Chakraborty’s childhood friend’s soul lived with her, the old house was changed due to paranormal activity in the house

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Big revelations are coming to the fore in the Sushant Singh Rajput case. According to some recent reports, Riya Chakraborty used to do magic in the house with Sushant’s money. Now Smita Parikh, a female friend of Sushant, told that Riya herself confessed that she always had the dead soul of her childhood friend with her. He made this disclosure in the presence of Sushant. Riya said that the soul will ruin whoever hurts them.

Recently, Sushant’s friend Smita was featured in Republic TV’s Debate. During this, she said on the allegations of witchcraft on Riya, I went to Sushant’s previous house Kapri Heights in August. I saw that many of the furniture was not in place. So I asked Riya-Sushant where the goods are. To this Riya replied that there is paranormal activity happening in the house, Smita ji, so we are shifting this house.

Sushant’s friend Smita believed that how a man who is interested in subjects like quantum physics can believe all this. He further said that Riya had said that 24 hours remain the soul of her childhood friend who has died many years ago. Both were just 17 years old at that time. Therefore the soul lives with them. Whatever will disturb or harm Riya then the soul will ruin the man.

Sushant went out of the room after listening to things

Sushant was a man interested in science and space. He could not believe all these things. The actor’s friend Smita also told in her interview that as soon as Sushant heard the soul from Riya, he immediately stood up and walked out of the room. According to Riya, both of them had changed the house due to paranormal activity, however according to some reports, they changed their house due to late night parties as they were sent a notice from the society.

Sushant-Riya was staying at the Liv Inn for the last one year.

Riya used to sow magic with Sushant’s money

Sushant’s father KK Singh alleges that Sushant had 15 crore rupees in his account last year which was withdrawn without his knowledge. His direct charge is on Riya. On the other hand, it is now being told that Riya was using her money to enchant the Pandits and Sushant. Now investigation has also been started in this angle.


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