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Special photo shared by Vidya Balan, who returned to work amidst the havoc of Corona

The corona virus is being seen in rage across the country. But now the government has allowed shooting of closed films, serials for a long time. In such a situation, people are now returning to work. Shooting of TV serials has also started. In such a situation, actress Vidya Balan has also returned to work and the actress herself has given information about this.

Vidya Balan has shared a photo of Vanity Bain on her Instagram status. Vidya has stepped outside the house after a long time. The actress has started shooting for her film. Vidya has now shared the photo of her vanity van among fans. In the photo, Vidya is seen with her designer and two other people.

Also, everyone has put a mask on one side in the photo, but Vidya is seen without a mask. After the lockdown, the fans like to come back to the shooting again. In such a situation, the actress herself is seen happy in the photo.

Before Vidya Balan, Taapsee Pannu also shared a photo of her vanity van on social media. Taapsee had also told that she has returned to work. In the photo, Tapsee was only seen with his hand but his make-up man mask was definitely visible.



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