Silent Corona is ruining this part of your body, take care of it in time


Corona rising throughout the world is a matter of great concern. More than 32.5 million people have been infected with corona all over the world and the death toll has risen to close to 1 million. Corona figures are also increasing in the country. The number of infected in the country has gone above 59 lakhs. The symptoms associated with corona are also being seen continuously and many people have symptoms but reports are coming negative. In such a situation, it is important to keep in mind that the corona is harming you internally.

Corona is dangerous even after recovery

Talking about the corona vaccine, currently countries are working on it, but how long will this vaccine come and how effective it will be for the patients, nothing can be said about the recent coronet symptoms like corona You have come forward to hear which you will also be surprised. If you too are cured of corona or your corona test is also constantly getting negative, but still you see the symptoms of corona, then you should definitely check this part of your body.

Corona becoming deadly for this organ

Corona does not affect any limb of the cured patients but it is becoming fatal for the lungs. Whether or not you see symptoms of corona, but corona becomes silent killer and ends your lungs inside. Health experts also recommend that even if you do not see symptoms like fatigue, weakness, cold cold, but if you are having trouble breathing, then you should get your lungs checked. Let us tell you that there are many states in India where similar cases have come up. Where there has been a rapid increase in the number of lung infection patients.

After Effects of Corona is very dangerous

People think that the symptoms of corona are cold, cold, fever, tiredness, but after recovering from this virus, you may not see any such symptom. According to the information you are getting daily, if you have restlessness or you are tired then it may also be symptoms of corona.

If you are cured of corona and if your test is coming negative but in this situation also you need to be alert. Therefore, after getting cured, do a CT scan. From this one option, you can know that the corona is not going to make a call for your lungs.

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