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Side Effect of Excess Water: Drinking too much water is dangerous for health, know how



We all know that water is beneficial for our health. The body feels tired due to not drinking enough water. This also increases the risk of dehydration. Drinking water keeps the body hydrated and the skin healthy and refreshed. We all drink more water during the summer season. Apart from this, we take different types of drinks in our diet, due to which our body remains hydrated. But do you know that too much water is injurious to health.

Thirst is more in summer. To get rid of it we have to drink water or drink. Eating and drinking too much of anything can be dangerous for the body. Similarly excess water acts as a poison for health and it is called water intoxication or water poisoning. During this, the level of oxygen in the blood increases. Which increases the risk of death.

damage to the body from excess water

An increase in the amount of water in the body leads to a deficiency of sodium. That is why fatigue, headache, urinary incontinence are observed. Not only this, low sodium levels can cause neurological problems. Drinking too much water increases the risk of hypothermia due to a lack of sodium. This controls the amount of water in the body.


Drinking too much water can lead to dehydration. It affects your kidneys. The kidney does the work of filtering the body’s water, drinking too much water affects the kidneys. And the risk of kidney damage increases.

According to experts, a person should drink water according to his age, work and environment. Drink 5 to 7 glasses of water to stay healthy. Food should be hydrated and high in fiber. If you eat more fiber then drink more and more water.

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Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2021: Even today the mystery is who lost, who won the Haldi-Ghati-war! But Akbar accepted the iron of Maharana Pratap!



Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2021: Even today the mystery is who lost, who won the Haldi-Ghati-war!  But Akbar accepted the iron of Maharana Pratap!

Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2021 (Photo Credits: File Image)

Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2021: The horror of the bloody battle of Haldi-Ghati, recorded in the pages of history, still raises eyebrows. There was fierce bloodshed in the battle of Haldi Ghati, the most famous battle of medieval history. According to historians, due to the death of thousands of Mughal and Mewari soldiers, the ground of Haldi Ghati was bathed in blood. Who got victory and who lost in this war, it is not authentic even today. But this truth cannot be denied that Akbar could not arrest Maharana Pratap even after being equipped with 85 thousand soldiers and state-of-the-art weapons on Maharana Pratap, the hero of only 15 thousand army. Emperor Akbar had admitted in a written condolence message that he had to face unmatched brave warriors, but not only in India, he did not see a more powerful warrior than Maharana Pratap on the whole earth. Also read: Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2021: Brave warrior of Mewar! Who was Maharana Pratap’s favorite Ram Prasad? Know the tales of his bravery!

The Thrill of Haldi Ghati War! Rajputs were heavy in the war but…

15 June 1576…. In the Haldighati branch of the Aravalli hills near Gogunda, there was Rana Pratap riding on Chetak with 20 thousand army, then Mansingh and Asaf Khan were with 80 thousand Mughal army in front. Soon a fierce battle started. The army of Maharana Pratap, limited in numbers and means, was nothing in front of Akbar’s huge army, but the Mughal army could not last long in front of Rana Pratap’s guerrilla fighting style, the brave and belligerent Rajput army, the Mughal army was 5 km behind. Got away. This area was called ‘Talai’. Here there was a fierce battle between the two armies for five hours. In the blink of an eye 18 thousand soldiers were killed. So much blood was shed that it came to be called ‘Rakt Talai’.

Rana Pratap, riding on Chetak, was going to cut the Mughals while circling the whole field at lightning speed. Then Mansingh riding on an elephant was seen in front. A sword was tied in the trunk of his elephant. Rana Pratap hit Chetak, Chetak went straight on the elephant’s head. Mansingh hid in the cave. The mahout was killed by Rana’s blow, but while descending, one leg of Chetak was cut off by a sword tied to the trunk. As soon as Chetak was injured, the Mughal soldiers surrounded Rana. Seeing this, Sadri Sardar Jhala Mana Singh, forcibly wearing Rana’s turban and umbrella, gave Chetak an opportunity to leave. Chetak, regardless of the injury, saved his owner by jumping 28 feet deep, but due to severed legs, he fell there and died.

‘Did Maharana Pratap won the war?’

According to a research of Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University of Udaipur, Rana Pratap defeated Akbar in the battle of Haldighati on 18 June 1576. According to the researcher’s discovery, after the battle of Haldi Ghati, Maharana Pratap distributed the pattas of the land around Haldi-Ghati in the form of copper-sheets. These pattas were signed by Pratap, the Diwan of Eklingnath. In those days, only the king had the right to issue land leases. Only the Diwan chosen by the king used to sign the lease, which was officially valid.

Why was Akbar angry with his favorite generals after the war?

Appropriate research also revealed that after the end of the Haldi-Ghati war, Akbar was very angry with his favorite generals Man Singh and Asif Khan for losing the war. According to appropriate research, both the commanders were instructed not to step into the court for six months, because Akbar used to reward the general and the army for winning any war. If Mansingh and Asif Khan had won the war, why would Akbar punish them for not entering the court? From this it seems that the battle of Haldighati was won by Maharana Pratap.

Rajputs were heavy in the war!

There is often a debate between researchers and historians regarding the battle of Haldi-Ghati and its conclusion. The mixed conclusion is that in this war, which lasted for four days, the brave army of Maharana Pratap was overshadowed by Akbar’s huge army and war guns, despite the decrease in the number of army and cannons. Because Maharana Pratap used to attack the Mughal army with new techniques and diplomacy every day, but due to the infighting within this war family, the Mughals had captured Mewar, Chittor, Kumbhalgarh and Udaipur. The Rajput kings had accepted the suzerainty of Akbar, leaving Rana Pratap alone, and Rana Pratap once again started preparing his army. This can also be an indication that the Mughals were victorious in the Haldighati battle, but they could not arrest Maharana Pratap.

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June 13, 2021 Horoscope: Know how will be today’s day and which zodiac sign will shine



June 13, 2021 Horoscope: Know how will be today's day and which zodiac sign will shine

Horoscope (Photo Credits : File Photo)

How will be your financial condition on 13th June and which zodiac sign will shine? In this episode, Sunday is introduced i.e. – today’s Horoscope-

Aries- Today you will complete the scheduled work on time, colleagues will cooperate. Good news can be received from the maternal home, health will be good. There may be conflict with close friends.

good solution- Drink half a cup of pale milk.

good color- Red

Taurus- Today you should avoid wasteful expenditure and complete the scheduled work on time. The day is not good for the students but health will be good. You can get good news.

good solution- enjoy saffron milk

good color- Yellow

Gemini-Do not start any new work today, postpone the journey. Stay away from debate, there is a possibility of defamation. Do not postpone any talk of parents today.

good solution- Perform camphor aarti.

good color- Green

Cancer-Today there may be discord in your family, tension will increase. Expenses will increase, health may deteriorate. Keep restraint on speech. Avoid haste.

good solution- drink green vegetable soup

good color- Orange

Lion- Today you will get good news from abroad, will spend the day with friends. Health will be good but you will be lazy in completing the work.

good solution- Give a gift to an elderly person in the house.

good color- Ochre

Virgo- Today you will gain money but expenses on illness may increase. Businessmen will get their pending money. Travel is yoga.

good solution- Eat sugar candy and leave the house.

good color- White

Libra- Today you will complete the work in a creative way, confidence will increase. You can go for a walk with friends, health will be good. Do not postpone the talk of the wife.

good solution- Eat jaggery after eating.

good color-rose

Scorpio- Today you stay away from legal matters, stay away from stress. There is a chance of accident, drive the vehicle carefully. New relationships will be formed. Court matters will be resolved.

good solution- Perform camphor aarti.

good color- White

Sagittarius- Today you will benefit in economic, social and family sphere. Avoid getting into close fights. The matter of marriage can be confirmed, will go for a walk.

good solution- Recite Shiv Chalisa.

good color- Blue

Capricorn-Today your tension with colleagues will be removed and they will also benefit from them. There may be a dispute with someone close. You will get success in work but today you will be more emotional.

good solution- Feed roti to cow before eating food

good color- Violet

Aquarius- Today business will increase, you will get respect. Paid money will be available, government work will be done. Don’t take any decision in haste. You will have a good day.

good solution- Offer water to Shivling.

good color- Cream

Pisces- Today you will get wealth and there will be happiness and peace in the family. If you work thoughtfully, you will avoid harm. There may be a dispute with a friend.

good solution- Do not eat anyone’s leftovers.

good color- Yellow

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Happy Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2021 Wishes: Happy Maharana Pratap Jayanti, Share these WhatsApp Stickers, Facebook Messages and GIF Greetings with your loved ones



Happy Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2021 Wishes: Happy Maharana Pratap Jayanti, Share these WhatsApp Stickers, Facebook Messages and GIF Greetings with your loved ones

Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2021 (Photo Credits: File Image)

Happy Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2021 Wishes in Hindi: The festival of Maharana Pratap Jayanti is celebrated every year on the third day of Shukla Paksha of Jyeshtha month. This year this date is falling on 13 June 2021 (Sunday). The name of Maharana Pratap is forever immortalized on the pages of history for his valor, courage, bravery and the battle of Haldighati. According to the English calendar, Maharana Pratap, the 13th Rajput king of Mewar, was born on 9 May 1540, but according to the Hindu calendar, his date of birth was Tritiya of Shukla Paksha of Jyeshtha month. His father’s name was Udai Singh II and mother’s name was Jaiwanta Bai.

Known as a brave Rajput warrior and an excellent war strategist, Maharana Pratap not only gave a befitting reply to the repeated attacks by the Mughals, but he protected Mewar till his last breath. This time his 481st birth anniversary is being celebrated. On this special occasion, you can congratulate Maharana Pratap Jayanti by sharing these wishes, WhatsApp stickers, Facebook messages and GIF greetings with your loved ones.

1- Wars are not fought with a rusty sword,

Bets are not placed on a lame horse,

Although there must have been lakhs of heroes but,

Not everyone is Maharana Pratap.

Happy Maharana Pratap Jayanti

Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2021 (Photo Credits: File Image)

2- This is the wish of every mother,

That a glory he also produces,

Seeing his power

Every enemy should be afraid of him.

Happy Maharana Pratap Jayanti

Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2021 (Photo Credits: File Image)

3- Blessed are you Rajasthan,

Pratap who was born here,

Blessed are you Sara Mewar,

Where Pratap had stepped.

Happy Maharana Pratap Jayanti

Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2021 (Photo Credits: File Image)

4- The bright sun used to fade,

When you used to hold your head high,

Faded lightning flashes,

Whenever Pratap opened his eyes.

Happy Maharana Pratap Jayanti

Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2021 (Photo Credits: File Image)

5- This brave son of Mother India,

Every Indian is dear

At the feet of Kunwar Pratap ji,

Our wholehearted respect is ours.

Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2021 (Photo Credits: File Image)

Historians believe that once the Mughal emperor Akbar gave the king of Mewar Maharana Pratap an opportunity to become a vassal, he refused to surrender to the Mughal ruler. After which the battle of Haldighati took place on 18 June 1576 between Emperor Akbar and Maharana Pratap. In this war, where Akbar had an army of more than 80 thousand soldiers, Maharana Pratap had an army of only 20 thousand soldiers. However, despite having a huge army in this battle, Akbar could not win and despite having a small army, Maharana Pratap was not defeated.

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