Shardiya Navratri 2020: Pregnant and keeping Navratri fast then keep in mind these important things


Shardiya Navratri 2020 Health Tips: The special significance of Navratri has been told in Hinduism. In these nine days, the devotees of the mother keep their fast by worshiping the nine forms of the mother to please the mother queen. This time Sharadiya Navaratri is starting from 17 October which will run till 25 October. In such a situation, if you are pregnant and want to keep the fast of Navratri, then keep these important things in mind to maintain your child’s health.

Pregnant women should keep these things in mind during Navratri-
– Pregnant women must eat something every two hours while fasting on Navratri. By doing this you will not feel weakness in the body.
-Pregnant women should never fast for nirjala. By doing this, there may be a shortage of water in your body. Remember, you have to take care not only of yourself but also of the baby growing in your womb.
– Please consult your doctor before fasting. Think about fasting only after doctor’s advice.
Include nutritious things like fruit-milk-dry fruits in your diet during pregnant women fast. Avoid consuming fried and roasted things. Such things can harm your health.
Women often do not consume salt during Navratri. But if you are pregnant then avoid doing this. Not consuming salt can make your BP less likely to cause problems for you and your baby.

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