Scindia will hold public meeting tomorrow in support of BJP candidate Silavat, on Monday, Chief Minister Shivraj will seek votes from the public


Both leaders are working hard to win the victory from Silvera to Silavat.

  • Scindia’s long-term gathering alone, trying to create an atmosphere in favor of silva
  • The two addressed a joint meeting at the Narmada Project Bhoomipujan in October.

In the evening by-election, the BJP has thrown its full force. On Sunday, former Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia will address the general assembly here in the evening. During this time, candidate Water Resources Minister Tulsi Silavat will also be present. The BJP has made preparations to gather a large crowd in the meeting. Here, Chief Minister Shivraj will also address a public meeting here on Monday.

Earlier, both had also addressed a joint meeting at the Narmada Project Bhoomipujan ceremony on 26 October. Here, the party is also preparing to bring some big leaders along with Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar in the last round. The party has also held discussions with Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari. One of these leaders can be a gathering.

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