School Reopen: Schools are opening in these states of the country from tomorrow, know here what are the rules


School Reopen: Schools are opening in these states of the country from tomorrow, know here what are the rulesPhoto Credits: PTI

Delhi: Schools have been closed all over the country for a long time since the lockdown in March due to Coronavirus epidemic. With the process of Unlock 5, the process of opening schools across the country has started. The government has released guidelines in this regard. Many state governments have decided to reopen the schools in a phased manner from 19 October. Guidelines have been issued in this regard by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and the Ministry of Education (Education Ministry). However, many states have decided to keep schools still closed. In this case, the final decision has to be taken by the states themselves.

From October 19, many state schools are preparing to resume public ceremonies. The Ministry of Home Affairs has permitted various activities including movie theaters and swimming pools which were closed till October. Here we tell you in which states of the country are opening schools from Monday. Gym and fitness centers will open in Maharashtra after October 25, but these rules will have to be followed.

Uttar Pradesh

In Uttar Pradesh, the government has announced the opening of schools for classes 9 to 12 from Monday 19 October. For this, the government has prepared its SOP. Children will be able to come to school only with the permission of the parents. Only those schools will be opened which will be outside the Containment Zone.

  • Classes in UP will be held in shifts and all protocols of COVID-19 will be followed by schools.
  • Only 50 percent students will be allowed in the permitted class.
  • If any student, teacher or other employees show signs of cold or fever, they will be sent home after first aid.
  • No student should be forced to come to school.


  • Employees and students of the Containment Zone will not attend schools and other educational institutions.
  • The school will open three hours a day
  • Only one student will be allowed to sit on a bench.
  • To avoid overcrowding, all school gates will be open at the time of entry and exit.


The government of Sikkim has decided to reopen all schools in a graded manner from 19 October. Schools have been partially opened in the state on 21 September. The state government has come up with a new academic calendar, this year the winter holidays will be completely eliminated. Classes will be run in schools six days a week, school will run for half day on Saturday.

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