Scam: MGNREGA wages taking everyone from Deepika to Jacqueline, know what is the matter!


Bhopal. Does a dozen actresses and models including Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone and Jacqueline Fernandez raise salary from Madhya Pradesh as well. You will be surprised to hear that these actresses are earning thousands of rupees by making job cards in Madhya Pradesh. It is true that in the name of these actresses, a big fraud has been exposed in the MNREGA, Madhya Pradesh.

Indeed, the mgnrega scame has exposed a new kind of fraud. The sarpanch, secretary and employment assistant of Piparkheda Naka Panchayat, Jhirnya district of Khargone district, replaced the image of the Bollywood actress with the image of the man on the job card. These included the names of more than a dozen actresses and model photo beneficiaries, including Deepika Padukone, Jacqueline Fernandes, and an amount of lakhs of rupees was withdrawn. A job card is made in the name of Monu Shivshankar, but it has a photo of Deepika Padukone, while the job card of Padma Roop Singh has a photo of Jacqueline Fernandes.

Such exposed case

When the right MNREGA entitlements searched the online MNREGA site for not getting the amount of work, their job cards were found to be fake, pictures of Bollywood actress were put on fake job cards in their name, along with the amount was also removed.

According to sources, Deepika Padukone’s photo has been put on the mgnrega job card from a person’s account, thirty thousand rupees were withdrawn from her account. While he did not go to work. This sequence has been going on for several months. Apart from this, the names of the men are written on the job card, while the pictures are of the film actresses and models. Photo cards of Jacqueline Fernandes have also appeared.

Work machines money

People say no work was found in MNREGA. Sarpanch, Secretary, Employment Assistant as well as above people are involved in similar corruption. Such frauds are being done by making machines work. After the matter came to light in Khargone district, District Panchayat CEO Gaurav Benal has issued an inquiry order. In this, fake job cards and who withdraws the amount will be investigated.

It is also special

-The name of a card holder is Monu Dubey. Deepika’s photo was used on her card. Monu said that after putting a photo of Deepika, 30 thousand rupees were removed in my name.
Jacqueline’s photo is placed on the job card of another beneficiary named Sonu. Sonu has accused the employment assistant of the gram panchayat of fraud. After the matter was exposed, the District Panchayat CEO Gaurav Benal has said to take action.

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