Republican senator mocked Harris’s name at election rally


Republican Senator David Pardew mocked Democratic Party Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris at an election rally in Georgia in support of President Donald Trump’s candidacy by constantly misnaming him.

At a rally in Mecken on Friday, Pardew said to Harris “Kah-mah-la?” Kamala – rubbed? Don’t know what The audience started laughing as he said this. A spokesman for Purdue said he had no such intention.

Her political opponents repeatedly mispronounce Harris’s name, becoming the first black woman to receive candidacy on a major political party ticket. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have also misnamed Harris.

Not only members of the Republican Party, but some Democrat members including former President Barack Obama have also pronounced his name incorrectly. Harris spokeswoman Sabrina Singh tweeted in response to Purdue’s comments, “This is too racist.” Vote them out. Purdue’s campaign spokeswoman Casey Black tweeted that Senator Pardew mistakenly spelled Senator Harris’ name.

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