Read these 5 home remedies to eradicate insects


This season is something like this. Sometimes rain, sometimes summer. This turning season has its own fun, but it also brings with it some troubles. In the evening, you start closing the windows and doors with the fear that mosquitoes may not come inside the house. During the night, do not light the lights, but are forced to extinguish, because countless insects attack your bulb.

Even though the monsoon is going now, but these guests who came with the monsoon are not so easily overcome. You have to resort to chemicals. The insecticide available to repel insects mostly uses chemicals such as deet, permethrin, which causes skin and eye irritation and itching.

The excessive use of pesticides contaminates oxygen in these chemicals. After reaching our body through breath, these pesticides cause respiratory and lung problems. People also become allergic due to this.

But to get rid of pesticides this time, you do not have to suffer from allergies nor will you have to bring different types of medicines to kill them at home. To get rid of germs, try your kitchen and garden one time. The problem will be overcome, you will also be saved from the bad effects of chemicals. Read how to get rid of these problems with the help of home remedies here:

Leaves will show awesome

Leaves that take great care of our taste and health, those insects and insects are strongly hated. Among these beneficial leaves, basil should be mentioned first. By keeping its plant near the window, mosquitoes will stop coming from that path, as well as basil prevents breeding of mosquitoes. Cockroaches run from the smell of bay leaves. Just grind some bay leaves and place it on the cockroach area in the kitchen. Mint is also effective in repelling mosquitoes. You can also plant it.

Take help from essential oil

You can make pesticides yourself with essential oil. They are not chemical, therefore are safe. Fill distilled water (water poured into the battery etc.) in a spray bottle. Add 6-6 drops of lemon, eucalyptus and citronella oil. Also add half a teaspoon of almonds or coconut oil. Shake it well before each use. You can also prepare a medicine to kill mosquito from your empty all out bottle. Add neem oil and camphor to it. Put it in the machine and use it as usual. Mosquitoes will stay away. Put a few drops of lavender in a sponge. Due to its scent, insects will not enter the house.

No vinegar in wipes, add vinegar

If your finial bottle is over, do not include it in the budget this time. This work will make white vinegar perfect for you. In this regard, Naturopath Dr. Rajesh Mishra says that by adding vinegar to the water of the wipe, the floor also shines and gets rid of ants and spiders. In addition to wiping water, you can also grind neem leaves. Alum, lemon juice and camphor are also effective.

Make air freshener at home

You can make air freshener at home. All you will need is a glass vial, baking soda and essential oil. Make a few holes in the vial lid. Fill fifty grams of baking soda vial and add ten drops of lemon, eucalyptus and citronella essential oil to it. You can also add lavender to it. Done room freshener ready. Place it anywhere according to the need.

The smell of flowers is also strong

Marigold in your garden acts as a guard for other plants. Marigold not only protects other plants from insects, mosquitoes also stay away from its smell. Similarly, both the mosquito and the fly are extremely irritated by the smell of lavender. The flower named Pitunia drives grasshoppers, which become a common problem during rainy days. You can get rid of a lot of germs like ants, cockroaches and mites.

Place Vaseline or sprinkle baby powder on the place where ants are very much.

Pipermint oil keeps many insects like spider away.

Cut the onion and place it on the lizard area. The lizard runs away from the smell of onions. Garlic also does this job well.

Mix equal quantity of salt and water and sprinkle it on the termite.

Keeping dry leaves of lavender near the newborn will prevent mosquito.

Smoke at home with Google or Luban. All kinds of insects will get rid of them.

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