Ratia businessman fetched rice from UP-Bihar, farmers stopped trucks, administration kept silent, staged at market committee office


Rice trucks brought from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in Ratia, Haryana, were intercepted by local farmers. However, after this, no department of police, market committee and sales tax took action.

In Ratia, Fatehabad, the atmosphere was heated on Saturday when farmers stopped trucks loaded with rice. It was learned that this rice brought from UP-Bihar was ordered by a businessman from Ratia.

It is astonishing that in the midst of this commotion, the police, market committee and sales tax neither any action nor any officer is ready to speak anything about it. At the moment the farmers have given a complaint in this regard, while they started a sit-in outside the market committee office.

The farmers sitting on the dharna said that they had already told the administration that rice is being brought in large areas in the region by bringing rice from outside states. Due to this, both the government and the peasantry are losing money, but the administration is not ready to take any action.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, 6 trucks filled with rice and then stopped them due to the possibility of their arrival from outside states. When asked by the truck drivers, it was found out that this firm was sourced from Bihar and UP by a firm of Ratia and they had to be planted in a shaler in Ratia itself. When the apprehension changed, the anger spread among the farmers.

Farmers hauling rice trucks from outside, protesting against the administration.

Farmers hauling rice trucks from outside, protesting against the administration.

The police came to the spot immediately after information, but the market committee secretary was called because the matter was not of jurisdiction. They also raised their hands, stating that the matter was not of their jurisdiction.

After this, officials of Sales Tax Department reached the spot. It is astonishing that he also ended the matter by saying that if the documents related to the goods filled in the trucks are shown, then they will not be able to do anything.

Whatever the case may be, people are trying to know who is the owner of thousands of quintals of rice in trucks and why he is not coming forward. Now when the farmers tried to catch the case, no official or representative of the government and administration is coming forward.

It is not known which department is responsible in this matter or the responsibility of the officers of any department. Farmer leaders have also directly accused the administration officials of complicity in it. Due to this, he sat on the dharna.

However, due to the media entering the issue later, the authorities have tried to put an end to the matter by saying that the matter is being investigated. According to the facts that will come out, something can be said further.

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