Rain in north India: latest weather update: heavy rains from UP to northeast and Bengal to Maharashtra … relief somewhere; heavy rains reported in many states of India



  • Life affected due to rain in many states of North India including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar
  • In Maharashtra capital Mumbai, rain also caused problems for people, water logging on roads
  • Weather forecast for several states till September 28, Meteorological Department issued alert

Lucknow / Mumbai
Once again, heavy rains from North India to Northeast and Gujarat to Maharashtra have increased the difficulty of the people during the last time of monsoon. Flood-like conditions have been created in all the states due to rain. On the other hand, due to rain in the metros, water logging conditions have been created on the roads. Amidst the rains, life has become disrupted in all areas of Mumbai city. At the same time, conditions have become serious in other districts of Maharashtra. On the other hand, many regions of North India including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal have also received more than normal rainfall. Due to this, normal life is being affected in these parts also.

Meteorological Department of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh. In many parts of New Delhi, Bihar and West Bengal, an alert has been issued for the next few hours. At the same time, due to the rains in the northeastern states, many areas in Assam and Sikkim have been hit by floods. Traffic on the highway connecting West Bengal-Assam is being affected due to rain in West Bengal. Apart from this, many areas of Sikkim have been cut off from the connectivity route of Bengal. The Meteorological Department has issued a rain alert from Bengal to Uttar Pradesh and parts of the Northeast till 28 September.


Speed ​​of people stopped in Mumbai
While the normal rains in North India have reduced the speed of people. At the same time, the most impact of rain is seen on the financial capital of the country, Mumbai. Due to the rains in Mumbai for the past 48 hours, water logging has been created in all areas. This has affected most of central Mumbai. Due to heavy rains in Mumbai, Central Railway has closed all or part of its services. Apart from this, BMC has closed all the offices here. Apart from this, work has also been stopped in all the courts of Mumbai.


Relief from heat in UP
Due to the rains in the last time of September, the temperature in many states has been recorded. People have got relief from the heat due to rain in all the states of North India including Uttar Pradesh. From Lucknow to Purvanchal, the capital of UP, due to the pleasant weather due to the rain, people have got relief from the humid heat, but due to the water logging and the slow pace of traffic due to rain, those people have to face problems. Have come out.

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