Putin offers to extend the start treaty for one year, America rejects, now the world towards new crisis


The US has rejected a proposal by Russian President Vladimir Putin to extend the New START nuclear arms control treaty for one year. The agreement to reduce nuclear weapons was signed in 2010 between Russia and the United States. Its purpose was to limit the number of nuclear weapons, missiles and bomber aircraft.

On Friday, Putin said at the Russian Security Council meeting via video link that the treaty worked effectively. It is sad that this treaty is over. Therefore, at present, I am proposing to extend the earlier treaty for one year without imposing any new condition. In the meantime, we will negotiate the new treaty and set the necessary criteria. The proposal has received a dismal response from the US.

The US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien has said that the New Start Arms Control Treaty is not going to succeed. Let us tell you that because of this treaty which ended in February about eight months ago, all the restrictions for arms control on Russia and America were ended. Subsequently, the two countries rapidly began preparing and deploying hypersonic missiles. At present, Russia is ahead in this matter.

Now the US’s rejection of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposal has once again raised the possibility of arms competition in the world. China was also asked to participate in the treaty, but it has been continuously cutting it. China is saying that its stock of nuclear weapons is much smaller than that of Russia and America, so it is not necessary to join the treaty.

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