Problems of stomach worms thrives in children, know its symptoms, causes and home remedies


It is common to have stomach problems. It is seen with children that they have to face the problem of stomach worms again and again. It is not that only children have this problem, but elders also have to face this problem many times. In this problem, itching starts with the accumulation of white waste on the outer part of the anus. Children who cannot speak keep crying and the child who speaks can complain of itching in the anal passage or say that they are biting something there. With this, insects can also come in the potty of the child. Today, in this episode, we have brought information about the symptoms, causes and home remedies for the problem of stomach worms.

Physical characteristics

– In children or adults who have worms in their stomach, there is always a different dryness on their face. Their skin remains wilted.
– Increased skin whitening on both sides of lips, skin dryness on both sides of lips is also a sign of stomach worms.
– At bedtime, saliva of both children and adults is dripping when there are insects in the stomach. If you do not know about this at bedtime, then in the morning, marks of saliva will be found on your cheek. Otherwise wetness may be felt on the pillow cover.

Due to stomach worms

– Due to having stomach worms, children and adults differ. In children, this problem is mainly due to lack of hygiene because they keep putting their hands in the mouth all the time.
At the same time, the main reason for the problem of worms in the elders is the lack of digestion.
– Consumption of infected food
– Consumption of infected water
– Eating too much flour food
– Too much sweet food
– Do not wash hands before eating
– Due to lack of hygiene in the kitchen, etc., there may be stomach worms.

Home remedies to kill stomach worms

Take half a teaspoon of celery seeds with fresh water before meals. You have to do this twice a day and for 3 consecutive days. Also, you do not have to eat sweet in these days.

Cumin and jaggery
Roast the cumin seeds (seeds) on a dry griddle. When these seeds become cold, eat them with jaggery with half a teaspoon. If there is difficulty in eating in this way, you can also grind roasted cumin and prepare powder and then eat it with jaggery. Doing this for 5 days will only benefit.

Intake of basil leaves
Consuming Tulsi leaves or taking Tulsi extracts also gives relief in the problem of insects. But only the older people should consume it, do not make the children consume it.

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