Premchand Aggarwal ascends the 101-foot-high national flag in the assembly building


Dehradun : Seeing the grace with which the national tricolor flag (flag) is waved, every Indian’s heart is filled with emotion. Surrender and love for the country is communicated in the mind. To motivate this sentiment, Assembly Speaker Premchand Aggarwal ceremoniously ascended the 101-foot-high national flag on Friday in the Dehradun building of Uttarakhand Assembly.

Police personnel, with the melodious tune of the band, mounted the national flag to the top of the flag hoisting and saluted the tricolor. Premchand Aggarwal mounted the switch and saluted the flag. After the hoisting of the national anthem, the entire campus echoed. Earlier, the tricolor was brought to the flag hoisting as a procession by police personnel from a certain place within the campus. During this time, the entire atmosphere of the campus was filled with patriotism due to the tune played by the police personnel. On seeing the tricolor in the eyes of the people present on the campus, a different glow was seen.

At the same time, the Speaker said that the feeling of nationalism is being communicated in the mind of the common man through the tricolor. The national tricolor swaying before the eyes and the resolve to do something for the country in mind is making India a new India. The Indian national flag has become a development mantra in this period of the 21st century. He said that after seeing the tricolor flag, people will feel proud by seeing it.

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